Elmo 16CL 16mm Slot Load Film Projector, Kodak CT-1000, Eiki, Bell & Howell 16mm, Super 8mm projectors, variable speed telecine film transfer projectors. Also available in our Projector Manual department are Chinon, Eiki, and Elmo owners manuals, and in our Film Reel department are Original equipment Elmo 16mm reels .


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BELL & HOWELL FILMOSOUND 16MM SLOT LOAD FILM PROJECTOR  WITH HARD COVER - Slot Load model is made to accept and protect old precious film regardless of condition. These are the easy 16mm projectors to load and run regardless of your experience level
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ELMO 16CL 16mm FILM SLOT LOAD PROJECTOR MINT CONDITION - Slot load projectors are the preferred choice of history film archives as slot load are least likely to damage your precious film due to its limited metal-to-film zone. Elmo Model 16CL's shipped with standard 50mm lens, but we have replaced the 50mm lens with a special order 38mm Elmo lens to achieve a larger projected image at a shorter throw, perfect for home and office applications. All of our 16mm projectors are professionally rebuilt and extensively tested meeting rigid specifications to ensure quality performance. When you receive your projector you can rest assured they are plug-and-play movie ready. Don’t risk buying junk at auction then have to spend hundreds of dollars in repair. Buy from us and rest assured that all belts, rubber rollers, motor, spindles, and light bulbs are bench tested and working like new. Included is one Elmo 16mm take-up reel (gray reel pictured). If you need the Elmo owners manual let us know and well send you a .pdf via email.



Elmo 8mm Super 8 Film Projector Twin High Performance Extension Speakers Elmo Speakers for Elmo 8mm and Super 8 Projectors - Film Projector Twin High Performance Extension Speakers with 10" woofers and a tweeters. Stores conveniently in one portable case. These are beautiful, well cared for and a good value for any collector or projectionist wishing great sound as part of your audience experience.
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BELL & HOWELL DUAL 8 VARIABLE SPEED TELECINE PROJECTOR Extremely reliable mint condition BELL & HOWELL DUAL 8 TELECINE regular 8 and super 8 projector, the 10MS model with true variable speed pot All the features work LIKE NEW functions are smooth and fluid. Comes with everything in the photos, ONE automatic 400ft REEL AND CASE, power chord, film cutter, ready to make your transfers a reality.

ELMO ST-180E 2 TRACK 8MM FILM SOUND MOVIE PROJECTOR ELMO ST-180E 2 TRACK 8MM FILM SOUND MOVIE PROJECTOR ELMO ST-180 MAGNETIC, SERVICE AND IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION, COMPLETELY SERVICED, PLUG & PLAY READY FOR SERVICE. SPECIFICATIONS 18 & 24 FPS & with Completely Variable Speed Capability you can adjust the speed to make this a great Telecine unit with your digital camera. Adjusting the two variable capacitors found inside the back panel to transfer films to video or hard drive. LENS IS ELMO ZOOM F 1.3/ 15-25mm, front is hinged and swings open for easy cleaning and quick film removal 600ft (180m) Reel Capacity Forward and Reverse Run. Large illuminated VU Meter for easy Recording Level. Balance Control for Two Track Recording Built-in Speaker 12V-100W Halogen Lamp for Bright Picture Magnetic Recording and Reproduction.
EIKI Super Slim Slot-Load 16mm movie projector with 25 watt amplifier sound in excellent working condition. EIKI Super Slim Slot-Load 16mm movie projector with 25 watt amplifier sound in excellent working condition. The Super Slim Slot Load model is made to accept and protect old precious film regardless of condition. These are the easy 16mm projectors to load and run regardless of your experience level. These two units come with instruction manual and 2 spare reels each. Both feature a P.A. microphone jack, treble control, Bass control, Amplifier on and off and volume. They also have 250 watt lamp and standard 50mm lens and many other features. They are very nice, clean, dependable working projectors that have gone through our shop and are in tip-top working order. As you can see from the photos there are two (see photo), and you will get one chosen at random. Each unit has operating instructions’ on the inside cover (see photo), a hard cover (see photo) to protect your projector from damage and the elements. Also included is a copy of the original instruction manual as well as two solid metal film reels, an 800 foot and a 1200 foot metal reel (see photos). Don’t buy junk from those who do no specialize in Projectors and Film and risk buying junk. Why risk needing your unit overhauled when these have already gone through the shop and have had AV Technicians with over 30 years in the business adjust and replace and parts that needed attention. THESE ARE PLUG AND PLAY READY AND WILL GIVE MANY YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE!
KODAK CT-1000 16mm MOVIE FILM PROJECTOR KODAK CT-1000 16MM MOVIE FILM PROJECTOR. Manufactured by Elmo, this slot load is the preferred choice of many movie film collectors and archive organizations because rubber rollers contact your film minimizing the metal to film zone where other projectors (automatic film threading projectors) are more likely to do sprocket, sound, and image damage to film. Very gentle on your precious film investment. Rebuilt and extensively tested in our AV shop to ensure dependable operation. During that process and all four rubber rollers were replaced, a $90 value. Belts are all in good condition and the projected image is beautiful. There is a bit of tape residue and a couple very minor scuffs on the case, but nothing to detract from the units’ excellent operating condition. It is obvious this unit has seen little use. Over the last four years we have sold dozens of these KODAK CT-1000 projectors and only two have been as nice as this unit. As close to mint as you will find! The projector comes with a sharp Kodak EKTAGRAPHIC 50mm lens and it also has both a built in speaker and an audio out plug so you can run an external speaker from the projector to a remote speaker placed behind the screen if you wish. Also included is one Kodak take-up reel. If you need a operators manual let us know and well send you a .pdf via email.
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ELMO SOUND ST-800 MAGNETIC SUPER 8 PROJECTOR IMAGE ELMO ST-800 MAGNETIC SUPER 8 SOUND PROJECTOR Forgot I had this one, runs like a top! ELMO Double Record Sound Recording & Playback-Sound System capable of recording & playback with magnetic stripe. Excellent, reliable, Super 8 Elmo Sound recording projector in fine condition! (Reel in photo available in our store, as are many other Elmo accessories). Only negative is a wee-bit of scuff wear on the front door. Single Phase AC 50/60Hz Power Consumption 200W Motor DC Magnet +Projection Speed 24 fps & 18 fps (Selector switch) +Film Super 8/Single 8, Sound Film and Silent Film +Automatic Film Loading Manual Unloading Possible +Light Source - Projection Lamp 12V-100W Halogen lamp with cold mirror (Code EFP) Elmo Super Zoom Projection Lens F1.3 f=15-25mm Zoom Lens +Auto Reel 600 feet(1200 with modification) +Input Jacks Ext SP (Extension Speaker) (Impedence;8 Ohms) +MONITOR OUT Earphone impedence;16 Ohms) +AUX OUT (Auxiliary out) +Speaker built-in 5" dynamic +Microphone Dynamic type Impedance 500 Ohms +LEVEL METER Elmo needle meter +Recording Indicator Lamp light-emitting-Diode

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